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Cannabis And Glaucoma 

Glaucoma is a pathology that can cause a lot of symptoms, including vision loss that becomes gradual, to the point of blindness. Some researchers have looked for the reasons behind this, and a lot of conventional treatments usually only slow this down, not fix it. But some have found that cannabis may help with this, and here is what we know. 

What Glaucoma is 

This is basically a disease that degrades your optic nerves, which is a part of the CNS that cause short impulses to happen from your eyes directly to the brain. This is one of the most major causes of overall blindness, and it impacts people of all ages, but those over the age of 60 tend to be at a much larger risk for this. Right now, about 70 million people in the entire world experience this, and because it’s so elusive for many, less than half of the populace even know that they might have it. This can result in vision problems, how you close your eyes, and even how it fires to the nerves. 

Cannabis for Glaucoma 

A lot of people deal with glaucoma, and some may choose to use cannabis in a lot of cases. In order to properly understand, we first must get a good loo at out ECS, and how this is able to properly regulate the eye in most cases. Your ECS is actually responsible for the production and stimulation of the optic nerves, and it helps with homeostasis. 

So what works for this? THC may, and a lot of cannabis users have started to use THC to help with this, as it can activate your CB1 receptors. This actually can also activate the CB2 receptor too. In a study that looked at rodents, primates, and rabbits, they looked to see whether or not this would help with modulating the condition and some of the symptoms. There were some cases where it was found, and because of how neuroprotective THC is, it can help with the optic nerve. This is also why many who have Parkinson’s are looking to use cannabinoids to help with the treatment of this as well. 

What about CBD? 

How does this CBD fit into this? CBD is one of the most popular cannabinoids in a lot of cases, since it doesn’t create psychoactive effects in people. More and more breeders are experimenting with strains that are high in this. The problem with CBD is that it doesn’t have a lot of affinity for the receptors, but it does bind to TRPV-1, and also influences the enzymes in a lot of cases. Glaucoma treatment though? There is research that says the anandamide levels actually can be elevated, and it does inhibit some of the enzymes responsible for breaking down stuff. 

Despite this though, there is no research which says this, and there is some studies that actually mention that the intraocular pressure does increase in those with glaucoma, which can make the condition worse. Right now though, some people who have glaucoma use CBD to help with nausea and pain, two of the most common symptoms that come along with this. 

Some have found however that CBG may be a promising type of cannabinoid to help with this. It can help with a lot of conditions including IBD, neurological conditions, and the like, and it can possibly help with glaucoma. Right now, the research is still early on, but there is a chance that cannabis can help with this, and for a lot of people, it can be the answer they need for their glaucoma treatments too.