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Things You Need To Know About Gingivitis

The inflammation in the gum area around teeth is known as gingivitis. This symptom can be quite painless. So the individual having it may not now that they are actually having this problem. Now, you may wonder if this problem is curable. Well, this problem is absolutely curable and things can revert back to normal if you pay proper attention to it. Having that said, there are a few things you may want to know about gingivitis.

Reasons behind gingivitis

The process of plaque building keeps happening round the clock. So, you have to make sure that you are cleaning this plaque on daily basis. However, this plaque can get hardened and turn into tartar if it is not cleaned properly. This tartar can irritate the gums, leading to the gum infection. If the tartar is not cleaned on time, it can allow more plaque to gather on it. Hence, the problem of gingivitis starts from here.

The most common reason for gingivitis is thought to be the poor oral hygiene. However, there are many other things which can result in gingivitis. For instance, hormonal change during pregnancy can result in gingivitis. Having that said, puberty and menopause can also result in gingivitis because these hormonal changes at quite a big level are associated with these conditions. Furthermore, smoking and several medical conditions such as diabetes and vitamin deficiency can also result in gingivitis.

How to tell if you have gingivitis?

The first sign of gingivitis you should be concerned about is the small amount of blood in the sink when you brush your teeth. Moreover, the color of your gums changes to red from pink when you get this condition. While it may be hard for you to identify condition by simply looking into the mirror, you need to visit your dentist to get your oral cavity examined. The oral health professionals are quite experienced and they will be able to tell you about this condition with a mere glance at your teeth and gums.

Is the problem curable?

Since it is the initial phase of gum disease, you can get rid of it by essentially removing the tartar which irritates your gums. At this level, your gums would not have much of infection which you will need to get the specific treatment of. You will just have to make sure that your gums are not being irritated by the plaque. Therefore, you can ask your dentist to help you with the proper cleaning of your teeth. The removal of tartar will set things towards the reversal of this medical condition.