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Indoor or Outdoor Cannabis Growing

The debate between growing cannabis out in the sun or inside is quite a polarizing one for some people. A lot of consumers will swear only by cannabis grown outside like normal plants, others are fine with getting it inside under lights that are artificial and in an environment that’s controlled. This can be good for a lot of people, especially, since it can affect the way that it looks and smells, and some people want the consistency of indoor growing.

It might be hard to determine which one is better than the other, since of course everything is subjective, but here are the pros and cons for both of them. 

Sun growing Pros

This is something that is good if you want the natural growth of cannabis. This is a lot more powerful than any sort of grow light can create. Outdoor cannabis gets a lot of light from other sources too. It also can change the air that comes in due to what’s going on.  There are also different stressors that improve the cannabinoids. 

It also reduces the environmental impact. This is because it goes outside, and you usually just have to make sure that the growing factors are right for this. 

Greenhouses are of course similar, but the costs are a bit higher than just straight outside. However, both are cheaper than growing inside. 

It also offers terpene profiles that are unique. It can definitely be a good way to create different flavor profiles.  You can change the factors of the environment, and also help to make it so that these different plants work in different ways. 

Remember, no two strains are going to be the same especially when growing outside. 

What about Indoors 

Indoor growing is great for the control of the environment. Remember that cannabis plants are a bit more sensitive inside, and you can adjust and control the factors. You can provide the ideal growing medium, and it can impact the way that they grow. For instance, if you’re able to create a strain of beautiful and attractive plants that look unique, consumers will like that. An indoor growth cycle helps you achieve this. 

It also is something that lets you get the bag appeal, or standardization. This is something that a lot of medical patients want, since it means that everything is super standard. Controlled environments offer consistent smells and looks, and this can be great if you’re trying to boost the trichomes in the plants or if you want to grow plants for certain medical conditions. 

Finally, one of the main benefits of this, is that you don’t have to harvest at the same time as the outdoor growers, you can do this all year round. It’s basically something that you can cultivate whenever you feel like it. 

Tons of growers that are indie are able to grow inside because it helps them get plants that would otherwise not make it, due to the major changes in temperatures and weather.  It’s great for a lot of places that are trying to get their foot in the door with legalized cannabis. While the yields won’t be as supreme  as the typical outdoor cultivation, if you’re harvesting a lot, in a way you can make up for it. 

There is no one type that’s better than the other, anyone who says that is someone who is just trying to sound snobby. But both are considered valid means to grow cannabis and are two of the most popular ways to grow these. Many people can benefit from both, and they offer tons of great results.